The Core Rehab Doctor

Helping you go from feeling discouraged and uncomfortable to 

embracing your body postpartum 

I’m Dr. Taryn Kilty, the Core Rehab Doctor.

I’m a physical therapist specializing in diet, exercise, and mindset for moms.

I help you go from feeling discouraged and uncomfortable to embracing your body postpartum and becoming your healthiest self!

I'm Taryn Kilty


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An easy to read (no medical jargon), step-by-step process to assess and heal your postpartum body

Pictures of Exercises (who doesn't love pictures) with specific descriptions on how to perform the exercises

What you need to know before returning to the activities you love





Hey Mom! This one is for you! In a world of "bouncing back" after having a baby...I am over here waving my e-book in the air at you like a crazy lady shouting... "this, this!" I promise you, the information contained in this quick read is a solution to peeing your pants, pain with sex, pelvic floor issues, or that mommy pooch that just seems to hang around no matter how many million sit-ups you do!

the postpartum fix


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I'm Taryn Kilty.

I am Taryn Kilty: a doctor of physical therapy, wife to a rancher from Wyoming, and the mother of two wonderful kiddos with a secret desire to be Joanna Gaines. My lifetime mission is to help mothers thrive after having children instead of just surviving.

Created for you in mind to equip you with the knowledge to rehab your body postpartum no matter how many years out you are! 

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