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What No One Told You About Healing Your Body Postpartum

A step-by-step guide to healing your body postpartum and returning to the activities that you have taken a sideline too.

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hey mom!

This ONE is for you! 

In a world of “bouncing back” after having a baby…I am over here waving my e-book in the air at you like a crazy lady shouting…“this, this!”

I promise you, the information contained in this quick read is a solution to peeing your pants, pain with sex, pelvic floor issues, or that mommy pooch that just seems to hang around no matter how many million sit-ups you do! 

who is this for?

If you struggle with a stubborn mommy pooch or diastasis recti that does not improve despite doing a million sit-ups.

If you struggle with leaking when you sneeze, get out of a chair, or jump on the trampoline with your kiddos.

If you have a sensation of heaviness or dragging in your vagina or other symptoms related to a possible prolapse.

If you continue to experience nagging pelvic, hip, or back pain despite trying several different treatments.

Maybe you aren’t experiencing any symptoms but just want to develop a strong foundation before you get back out there and return to your normal fitness activities…this one is for you!

the juicy details

This 56-page e-book is bursting at the seams with knowledge about how to assess your core and pelvic floor with step-by-step exercises on how to rebuild your body. No medical jargon or fluff, this E-book IS A GAME CHANGER!

I was in your shoes a few years ago after having my second child and I was losing hope. I wanted to get back to doing all the things I loved but was starting to feel that this was just the price I had to pay for having babies. Well gal, I am bringing you a bright and shining star of hope all wrapped up with a nice and shiny bow. You do not have to live with pee pants and a mommy pooch to boot.

the juicy details

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